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Updated: Jun 21, 2021

An online virtual bookkeeper can save you time and money, letting you handle the business


1. You have not kept a set of books before

You have started your business and maintained it. You are an entrepreneur, you got this. But if you have not kept a set of books before, bookkeeping can be daunting. Learning how to do your bookkeeping will take away precious time that you can use growing your business.

2. Your bills are getting paid late

Growing your business is what you have been centered on, letting the paperwork get behind. All of a sudden, one of your suppliers withholds delivery due to non-payment. But you thought you paid that bill, only to find it deep in a stack. With online bookkeeping services, you will be provided with a view of what you owe and when you owe it.

3. Customer payments are not collected regularly

Does this customer owe you? Or did they pay last month? Did you invoice them? Keeping track of invoicing is critical in the growth of a company. With online bookkeeping services, you can keep up with your revenue with invoice tracking.

4. It's tax time and all you have are stacks of papers

It is the year end and you have to file the proper paperwork. You need 1099s for your vendors and W2s for your employees. You haven't had time to keep your books up to date and you are behind. With online bookkeeping services, all of the transactions of the year have been compiled and getting 1099s or W2s is just a click away.

5. You have added employees

You needed help and hired the best candidate. Payroll can be complicated. With online bookkeeping services, payroll can be handle by a professional who has stayed current on employee tax and deduction rules.

6. You can't find the time to grow your business

Even if you can do the bookkeeping, every hour you spend managing your books is an hour you could be spending on calling on new clients. Hiring an online bookkeeping service can free up your time so you can focus on running and growing your company.

7. Bottom Line? What bottom line?

You know your business is making money, but you are not sure how much. Your revenue is enough but you guess about your expenses. You need a true outlook on your income and expenses. With an online bookkeeping service, you will know your bottom line, the profit your company is making.


If you are wanting to learn how to use QuickBooks for your small business, please reach out to me and I can help train you. If you'd rather not do your own bookkeeping, let Frazier Bookkeeping Services take care of your worries of bookkeeping.

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