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Frazier Bookkeeping Services LLC

Virtual Online Bookkeeping Services

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Monique Frazier, owner of Frazier Bookkeeping Services LLC

Hi, I'm Monique,
an accountant who wants to help you keep your books in order.

Many years ago, I fell into accounting and found out I have a knack for numbers. I love helping people sort through their numbers and make sense of it. Let me be the helping hand who will guide you through all of your bookkeeping needs.

What Can I Do For You?

Bookkeeping to meet your needs

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Full Service Bookkeeping

With several plans offered, Frazier Bookkeeping Services can help your business with any of your bookkeeping needs.

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Clean Up Books

Behind in doing your books? Have shoeboxes of receipts and have no idea how to handle? Let Frazier Bookkeeping Services do it for you.

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Process payroll for small business, up to 20 employees. File the payroll tax reports.

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Set Up Bookkeeping

Your business is thriving but you have no idea how to keep the books. Let Frazier Bookkeeping Services set up your books and train you.

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Financial Reporting

Understand your company's growth using the balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows. 

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Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor

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Accessible | Approachable | Accountable| Accuracy | Integrity

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Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

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